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Are You Ready?



Hello! This entry tells you quite a lot of stuffs that you may want to know about heartl0ck  because somehow, you’ve stumbled over this pretty, nice-looking fanfic journal.

sometimes, Cher is kinda obnoxious and cranky

You can call me Cheryl, Cher, heartl0ck or any-anything to me deems as appropriate which doesn't exclude wifey, baby, dear, unnie, dongsaeng, chinggu, supa girl, etc along these lines. :D

This is my Kpop spazzing journal so basically you get fanfics, couple-shipping post and other thousand spazzing moments over here. The only two groups that can turn me into crazy fangirl mode are Super Junior and Shinhwa. They are the only ones that made it into my heart. U-Kiss is nearly there, I would be glad to give my heart to them too.

I locks nearly all my fics and whatever random creepy posts to protect myself from any trouble. Yes, because I ran into some trouble some time ago so I'm totally sweeping away potential toes (or people) that steps on me. I'll be honest, really. Let's be honest.

I absolutely welcomes anyone to add me because I know you wanna read my fics. Just blabber anything in this post (as a comment), add me, and I will add you back asap.

One small thing I would like to highlight is, I really appreciate comments. Whether it is a compliment, or a critic, lengthy or short, will adds a rainbow to my day. Unless you find it no point to comment.

Are you ready?

warmest sweetest regards,
heartl0ck, Cheryl.
Tags: fanfics, rants, spazz, yesung
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