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With regards to some things

I have no idea if I should friend-lock this post with regards to the post I was complaining about my 4jib album. Please advice me if I need to friend lock this post. Maybe not, because I want everyone who read that post to read this.

Well, I whined and complained about how slow and long for me to receive the album. And the reason why I'm writing this post is because I want to put a specifically clear line to all my rants to the above and previous are purely my own thoughts. 

Firstly, I'm not influencing/discouraging (never had I intended to do so) anyone to change their opinions towards SJ-world to a negative bad side. No. Neither I'm writing something provocative. 
Secondly, well, this happened to me and I don't have to right to speak or whine? Moreover, I have no idea what exactly happened to the person in-charge and the whole activity was kinda screwed. Now then I know what's truly happened to her and I felt guilty for scolding her so much (as a bitch and my virtual violency). My bad, I admit and I take responsibilities for my mistakes and all. I'm sorry. 

And to clear things up, I'm not misleading people, it was the truth. Except that I didn't know person-in-charge met with something serious and had her family problems to take care of. (I'm not psychic who knows people really had no way/time to deal with these less-priority affairs) So I assumed that she neglected her role and delegations as the in-charge, thus I got very pissed of over this matter. She said she could handle things herself didn't she? 

Perhaps, I didn't whine and flood PMs but I'm ranting over here, is equally bad as an immature bitch. 
I'm sorry once again, and I really apologising for my words said. To my dears who have read that post above (which is friend-locked now), please don't take my words to heart. Things have been cleared up that I shouldn't blame person-in-charge because she has got really grave matters to handle. I'm very sorry for I was at the fit of anger that time. Please think about this matter in my shoes. I have patience and will snap, do forgive me for this matter. And I don't know how long I had to wait for things to sort out. T_T

Once again, I would like to apologise one last time, and I hope this matter can be put to a rest.
Anyway, if the boys have any merchandise that SJ-world manages to take orders, I'll still do my purchase. Doesn't mean I said I don't trust, I'll never ever trust again. My temper dies down easily. 

I'm going to friend lock my fics gradually, those completed oneshots and maybe Midnight Fantasy. IDK, but I swear I'm going to friend lock all my personal rants and spazz. Just in case, for the sake of precaution and in the name of disclaimers.

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