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Master Fic-List

I'm guessing that I should make one for convenience's sake, rather I compile them earlier so I won't have to dig out the old posts later. I'll populate them as time goes by when I update my fics (: I really hope to have loads of ficlets inside this list!!

I hope you enjoy reading them. ♥ 


One Shot Fics + Drabbles < 1k wordcount ( ridiculous work dump )

→ Blue Tomorrow
G | Angst | Yewon | 510wc
Siwon's undying love for Yesung, when he have to leave the world.
♪ ( "Don’t tell me to find others, Yesung." )

→ The One I Love
G | Angst | Yewon | 705wc
Yesung is dead. How would Siwon cope with his lover's departure?
( "Because I think of one person, that one person." )

→ Cut That Smirk
G | Fluff, Crack | Yehae | 615wc
A bet between Eunhyuk and Donghae to make Yesung think Donghae is jealous over their makings of the Suju-H's MV. What's the prize?
( That smirk of yours can kill millions of fans )

→ Chocolate Birthday
G | Fluff | Yewook | 599wc
Happy Birthday Ryeowook.
( “Hyung! That’s no secret!” )

→ Mitten Love
G | Fluff | Yewon | 1,244wc
 A token of love. A bus ride. Forever-kept moments.
( It was awesomely cozy. )

→ Throw Me a Flying Kiss
PG | Fluff | Kisung | 612wc
 Yesung didn't do his OMFG flying kiss during Inkigayo today.
( "Why didn't you do that in the performance just now?" )

→ Tears. Without You
PG | Angst | Yewon | 720wc
 Siwon's still lingering around because he'd burdened too much pain.
( They said that mental ailments comes in different forms. )

→ Parenting Love
PG | Fluff | Yewon, Hanchul | 2,545wc
How cute can Yewon's life get when they welcomes a new life?
( Soon they would welcome a new life and a chapter to their sweet life they ever shared. )

→ To Love with Stripes, Words, and Wish Bottle
PG | Angst/Fluff | Yewon | 3,749wc/3,302wc
Author's notes: Alternate-ending fic. I would recomment angst then fluff?
Or simply avoid the angst if you can't take heartbreaks very well (:
[ Angst ]
[ Fluff ]

→ His Untold Words
PG | Fluff | Soosung (SNSD/Super Junior) | 1,868wc
Jongwoon was delaying, and Sooyoung has been wondering, wondering when will he ever say those words.
( "Aww... So, I broke the surprise?" )

→ Of Guising, Jealousy and Halloween
PG | Fluff, Crack, Drama | Yewon, Hanchul | 3,041wc
Siwon wished Jongwoon wouldn’t have picked the lottery stub in transforming him into a stunning beauty.
Notes: Halloween's Fic 2010. ye_won's halloween contest's entry.
( “Hannie, I told you I want to dress in Lilah’s costume!” )

→ Take My Breath Away
PG | Fluff, AU, Fantasy | Kyusung | 808wc
Breathing is necessary in the middle of a kiss, and Kyuhyun always forget that he needs to breathe voluntarily.
It's not your first time, baby )
→ Christmas Call
G | Fluff | Kyusung | 647wc
Yesung is waiting for the call from his lover for this festive season.
♪ ( "My door is acting this way because of you, remember?"

→ Let's (Not) Keep it Under the Wrap
PG | AU, Drama, Romance | Kyusung | 1,600wc
It was an arranged marriage, teacher-student relationship that consists of true love. Can Yesung and Kyuhyun keep their secret under the wrap?
♪ ( "Yeah, 19th. I’m booking you on the 19th.")

→ I Need Your Love in My Life 
R | Angst, Drama | Yechul | 1,292wc
Yesung couldn't bear to allow his cocottes to get hurt, especially when Heechul is his favourite among all.
♪ ( Heechul is definitely one of his favourites. )

→ Rain, Rain Go Away
G | Fluff, Drama, AU | Yewon | 734wc
When rain becomes an equation to Yesung's tears.
♪ ( "Oh that, that explains why." )

Tonight, Let me Fall In Love With You Again
NC-17 | Smut | Kyusung | 429wc
Kyuhyun loves the way Yesung sends him over the edge during sex.
♪ ( "Let me do it." )

→ Sunshine, Morning, Breakfast
PG | Crack, Fluff | Yewon, Bandfic | 2,061wc
Yesung is a full-time mommy whose job is to take care of 12 kids and a husband, with four kids staying in overseas with their grandparents.
♪ ( "Mommy, I want strawberry jam," )

→ Sandcastles in the Air
PG | Fluff, Fantasy | Kyusung | 2,553wc
The remedy to love, is to love. Kyuhyun doesn't have to stumble his way to find love, it just appears right in front of him.
♪ ( kyuhyun lazily watches the way jongwoon builds the sandcastle. he knows exactly it is just a wasted effort. )


One Shot Fics ( not too ridiculous work dump )

→ Pottery Love
G | Fluff | Yewon(main), Hanchul, mention!Kangteuk | 3,764wc
 If 2 pieces of matching puzzles match with each other, then Yesung and Siwon are the perfect pair. 
( It was a small, almost out-of-shape heart-shaped porcelain bowl with a pair of bands in it. )

→ Coagulation
G | Angst | Yewon, side!Kangteuk | 2,395wc
Siwon witnessed how his boyfriend died. Will he come over to terms with?
( "I want to be a cloud, your cloud." )
→Author's pick.

→ Hello Love
G | Fluff | Yewon | 1,090wc
 For some reason, your hubby appears in the train you're on board in, giving you a surprise.
( "Hello?" )

→ Misdeeds
NC-17 | Angst, Smut | Yewon, Hansung | 3,683wc
Summary: If Yesung had chosen Siwon, they wouldn't be living in their own trap of guilt.
( Buddies never take each other’s beloved. )

→ Walks of Love
PG | Fluff | Yewon | 2,424wc
The walks in life are always a form of support, a form of assurance, and a form of love.
( "This is not an overnight sandwich right?" )

→ Of Pastels and Possessiveness
PG | Fluff | CHIBI - Kisung, Yewon | 1,632wc
Siwon always pick on the little kid who draws very well. Most of all, he doesn’t want to share someone with anybody else. Super-Chibi!^^
( He wouldn't be snatching his crayons again, would he? )

→ Broken Souls
NC-17 | Angst, Smut, Drama, AU | Yewon, Donghae, Kibum | 2,595wc
Warnings: Rape, Abuse, Usage of Drugs, Mentions of Curses, Drug lords
Dealing with drugs is never an advantage, Donghae uses it to set a trap that changes Yesung's life,unknowing it is for the worse to the both of them.
( "Fuck You, Donghae! ) 
→Trying out some dark fic. Author's pick, if you are looking for smut.

→ Love is like a Pi
PG-13 | Fluff, Angst, AU | Kyusung | 3,268wc
Kyuhyun has never been the one chasing after Love, he has never been the one who apologises first, he has never been the one who breaks apart first.
♪ ( Cookies that fills one’s heart up sweetly. )
Author's favourite ♥ 

→ Hey! I'm Mr. Simple
R | Crack, Fluff | Kyusung | 967wc
On a certain night in the camp, Heechul is bored until death so he decided to use the computer.
♪ ( he realised that having a twitter isn’t just enough for him to kill all the boredom )


Long –shot Fics ( not too ridiculous yet lengthy work dump )

→ It's Simply Love, call it Fate.
PG | Fluff, Drama, AU, Fantasy | Kyusung, implied!Hanwook, implied!Haechul, implied!Kihyuk | 7,084wc
Birthday fic for November Babies. 7+k words
...(uber long summary in the entry itself) One day Yesung picks up a Judger who changes his life forever.
( "Thanks for saving me." ) 

→ Dust My Sky With Stars 
PG-13 | AU, Drama, Fluff, Fantasy | Yewon | 12,179wc ; two parts
Siwon is a light elf who is responsible to go on a harvesting trip with Jongwoon, the realm's elf, to serve the latter's punishment.
Part One | Part Two

→ In Time With You 
PG-13 | Fantasy!AU, Fluff | Kyusung | 11,225wc ; two parts
Kyuhyun travels back to time and meets Yesung, the secret chivalrous hero who saves him.
Part One | Part Two



Pairings: Yewon
( → Sunshine Hug )
→ Drown in My Love ) 
→ Be My Safe Harbour ) 
→ Love Declarations )
→ Stars of Love )


Chaptered Fics

→ Midnight Fantasy-
Status: Ongoing | 11/?
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: broken!kyusung, yewon, eunhae, kyumin (more characters coming)
Summary: Siwon have been a loner vampire for so long until he met someone who he wanted to protect so much, what obstacles will he faced in order to be with Yesung forever? Yesung was Kyuhyun's guardian until some misunderstandings broke them apart, will he allow Sungmin to harm the one he love once again? Will Yesung and Donghae accept their mother's change which could possibly bring another turmoil to the peace they restored not long after they finally found Yesung?

First Fantasy | Second Fantasy | Third Fantasy | Fourth Fantasy | Fifth Fantasy | Sixth Fantasy | Seventh Fantasy | Eighth Fantasy | Ninth Fantasy | Tenth Fantasy | Eleventh Fantasy | ?

→ Midnight Fantasy - Never The Same [2-shots] 
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Pairings: TBA
Warning: Confusion may applies.
Summary: I was never the same after that night. A side-story of Midnight Fantasy(Chaptered Fic)
Part 1 | Part 2

→ Of Clouds and Oceanus -
Status: Ongoing | Prologue/?
Rating: PG
Pairings: yewon, one-sided!kyusung
Summary:The God of Clouds, Wind and Lightning are great partners because they are the well-equipped team to facilitate rain. When the God of Waters are not happy with such arrangement, specifically not in good terms with the God of Clouds, what will happen?

Prologue | ?

→ Attachments (There I'm struggling for you) -
Status: Ongoing | 2/?
Rating: PG
Pairings: Kyusung
Summary: Breakup, is it that easy? Kyuhyun tried to live life without Yesung. An accident brought him a strange dog which seemed to unravel secrets which he didn’t imagine...

1 | 2 | ?

Completed Chaptered Fics

→Forget, Lose, Accept and Love
Status: Completed
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: kyusung, broken!yewon
Genre: angst, romance, fluff
Summary: Siwon broke up with Yesung leaving him to pick up pieces of his broken heart alone. Years later when Yesung met another man that caused a sway in his heart, Siwon wanted to mend his relationship back. Will Yesung choose Siwon the heartbreaker, or Kyuhyun who mended his broken heart.

Prologue | Forget | Lose | Accept | Love

→ It started with a Kiss -
Status: Completed | 15/15 
Rating: PG
Pairings: yewon, yehae(one-sided), side pairings! kangteuk
Summary:Yesung has been nursing a crush on Siwon since her year 1 in high school at the welcoming ceremony. She mustered her courage to confess her love towards Siwon but only to earn a rejection from him. After a typhoon struck and destroyed Yesung’s house, she and her father moved in with her father’s college buddy, Uncle Kangin. To her horror, the kind amicable couple is the parents of her cold distant schoolmate aka her crush, Siwon, a genius with great looks and body with an IQ of 200.

Will the close proximity living together under the same roof give her a second chance to win Siwon’s heart? Or, will her love for him end under his aloofness?

Prologue | First Kiss | Second Kiss | Third Kiss | Fourth Kiss | Fifth Kiss | Sixth Kiss | Seventh Kiss | Eighth Kiss | Ninth Kiss | Tenth Kiss | Eleventh Kiss | Twelfth Kiss | Thirteenth Kiss | Fourteenth Kiss | Fifteenth Kiss

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